11.03.07 – The Last Shows at the Kingdom of Bahrain!


The past 3 days have been pretty relaxing. We didn’t go out on the ships after all. We stayed in our nice hotel with our great big rooms and basically had LOTS of leaisure time. It was nice but at the same time we are all getting a bit ancy to get home.

We didn’t get out to the ships because they didn’t come in but we have been playing at a Naval Support Base that has Marine security as well. The stage was called 2000 Desert Dome. It was outdoors and provided great sound and lighting. We didn’t even have to pull out our own sound, just a few instruments. Between all three nights the crowd varied. The first night which was wednesday night was probably my worst show I had the whole tour. The energy just wasn’t there and it didn’t seem like the audience was receptive no matter how hard I tried to get them into it. But once I got off stage so many people were complimenting us so maybe I was being too critical but that’s the way it felt from the stage. There was no vibe there. The Navy crowd was so much more different from the Army and Air Force crowd. Since the guys are on ships at sea for many months with no alcohol once they hit a port they are allowed to drink as much as they’d like – no limit. Unlike the Air Force and Army which impose limits on their guys. So needless to say some of them can be aggressive and belligerant which is what we dealt with on the 2nd night. There was a pack of guys that were completely wasted and they wanted to dance. They would physically grab on Tanya and I to come dance and at one point we didn’t want to be nice about it anymore. It just seemed like they were so persistent and after a show we are pretty tired and trying to hold it together just to socialize a bit but they were pretty demanding. Even when tanya was djing she was pretty frustrated with all their requests and demands. The Marines who were on-site as security had to come and break up a few fights. It got kind of bad and all this made for a really long night .We weren’t looking forward to the last show but I was positive that it would balance out between the last 2 nights.

The sound guy who was helping us, Sidney was really nice and accomodating.  Our point of contact, Hussein was also a very nice guy. He kind of just let us do whatever we wanted to these last few days especially since the ships didn’t show. When we called our main contact from the Armed Forces Entertainment he said that he was getting LOTS of good reviews on Rebel Crew. Probably the best he’d ever heard. He was very pleased and said that we are getting lots of compliments on our shows, personalities, and cooperation. Despite a few drags here and there I have to say that we have all held it together very well. Even if we were a bit irritated with one another (naturally when you spend so much time with people) we would still be professional, pull it together, and by showtime we were over it.

Last night was the last show and it proved to be much different from the first two. I can’t generalize all Navy guys to be the same. We met a Navy crew from Austrailia and they were completely awesome. Some of them pretty handsome too 🙂 and we met a guy from Houston, Ben and some of his friends. They were all a nice change from what we had seen the past 2 nights. Our last two shows turned out great and had lots of energy but last night was a nice way to go out. The crowd didn’t want us to end. Suddenly it hit me that this was our last show on the entire tour and it made me a little sad but at the same time it had been such a great tour. I knew I was taking a lot from this experience – personally and professionally.

During our 3 day stay in Bahrain I noticed a few things. The people are very traditional with a little of a Western civilization adaptation. I don’t think too many people would admit it but our country has so much influence in fashion and trends. The women wore their burkas but very stylish clothes under them – especially the younger ladies. They wore make-up, nice handbags, and shades. And they go out on the town to party! I saw so many more men though. It was as if there was hardly a female population. There were plenty of mosques too. There was a uge mosque by our hotel and we could hear it sound of multiple times per day. The best way I can describe their prayers and chants is that they sound somber. I could be wrong but it sounds a bit like religious oppression and struggle. Of course I don’t understand Arabic but just by the tones in their chant. It is still very interesting though. You only see men walking in to worship at the mosques, if the women go they will attend a seperate mosque. Everything here is seperate even their bank accounts. It’s as if you marry divorced if that makes sense but it is probably the wisest thing. 

The naval base where we were performing was over-capacity so we were able to stay in the hotel for 4 nights now! It’s been so nice compared to the bunk beds on the bases with community showers. When we would go on base it would be just to have dinner and this was one of the best food selections we’d seen. They had a food court with all junk food 🙂 A&W, Eddie Peppers (which is like Taco Bell), a subs place, a pizza place, an authentic Arabic food place, and a cookies place like Cinnabon. Since we had food vouchers we were able to have a good assortment of whatever we wanted. The boys have really been taking advantage of that! During our leisure time as we have gone exploring outside of the hotel we’ve seen so many American food chains here! From McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Burger King,  Popeye’s, Subway, Papa John’s, even Chili’s and they were ALL in Arabic with the same logos! Of course itv doesn’t taste like it does in the states so we have been getting more authentic food. Yesterday we ate at a small Thai place that was incredible! There were so many little sandwich shops on the streets as well as internet cafes, hypermarkets, and beauty salons. I was hoping to find a nail place…I’m in desperate need of a refill! lol

Now we are all getting ready for our last day of travel and it is going to be a long one. We are flying Bahrain to London, London to Chicago, and Chicago to home. Doesn’t sound too bad but the layovers are what will kill you with the jetlag. I think I’ll be in a coma on monday. I just wanted to touch base and let you all know I’ll be home late sunday night/monday morning. I will touch base when I arrive but I am already looking forward to seeing you and all of my loved ones! More soon…. 


2 Responses to “11.03.07 – The Last Shows at the Kingdom of Bahrain!”

  1. 1 bootleg

    Its always about food huh? lol Have a safe trip back.

  2. 2 Triple D

    Welcome back, Kotter. You’ve been missed.

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