10.25.07 – We got *coined* by the NAVY at the Starlight Club!


Last night was another successful show. I truly feel so blessed to continue on with this experience. Thank you all so much for reading and commenting on what I’ve been writing. I have soooo many pictures too and video but itv takes forever to load up! Right now I only get to log on for an hour so I’d rather pain a picture with words than nothing at all.

We played for the NAVY last night at our hotel in the Starlight Club. It was a very swank, lo-key, intimate setting and I felt like they were into the show more than ever. I feel like the stage is my home and I am getting more comfortable with every show – as if I wasn’t comfortable before. Some nights are harder than others especially since I’ve been combatting this gunk is my system. I sat d0wn and talked to a few male and female sailors after the show. They were really sweet and outgoing. They love to tell about their stops and experiences. Two sailors I met one male, Pedro (I won’t forget cause that’s my dad and brother’s name) and Brenda were telling me about the safaris and swimming at the beach! I absolutely cannot wait. I really hope I get to ride a camel in the next few days. Today Fareed has promised to take us to the world’s 1st 7-star hotel. Pictures are promised.

It was nice to get compliments as well as criticisms on the show. Everyone loves the show but says my vocals are getting drowned out at times. SOund is such a tough issue because we’re visiting a new venue daily so it’s hard to adjust the levels everytime and the acoustics at every place is different. Not to mention sound check can run up to 2 hours trying to figure this out. I think more than any show, the NAVY were the most complimentary. We had another picture and autograph session then we ate a nice dinner compliments of USO. The sailors said that it was a nice change from the regular Russian/Phillipino dance girl group routine. They said in their own words, “the dancing is lame.” It became such a repetitive comment I just laughed. By the end of the show, one of the head guys came up to coin us again. It always feels like such an honor when they do this. Now I have 3 coins! I can’t wait to show them to you!

We have to check out of this lovely hotel now so I will send more updates soon! Lots of love to everyone!


10 Responses to “10.25.07 – We got *coined* by the NAVY at the Starlight Club!”

  1. 1 jeff

    you are writing so well, isn’t traveling so wonderful. i’m glad you’re doing this – i only wish mtv was with you so your audience were bigger!

    sending you lots of good vibes…

  2. 2 Stu

    Can’t wait to see your photos and hear your stories. But your blog is great. Thanks for taking the time from your krazy itinerary to share your incredible experiences. Most people have to pay a gazillion dollars just to visit the UAE, but you arrive as a rock star–and you deserve it.

  3. 3 Shorty

    My lovely karina, words cannot explain how excited i get everyday when i see you have added more to your blog!!!! keep shining like the star you are!!

  4. 4 Cameron

    You’re the perfect one to get them out of the routine, I know that first hand. I want to see all these coins when you get back! They sound pretty cool.
    Tell the troops be safe and come home soon. You too!!

  5. 5 C. L.

    you are the next Selina, see you soon… cl

  6. 6 Rete

    Hey, we ran into Ms. Washington last nite @ dinner. She is so proud of you, (as we all are), she had tears of pride in her eyes when we told her where you were and what you were doing! You need to stop in and see her.
    Miss you!!


  7. 7 PB

    Hey what up Lady K..
    I see your travelling all
    over the place on the USO
    gig..that’s great news..7-star
    hotel..damn you hitting
    the Burj Al-Arab Jumeriah
    in Dubai..that’s dope..seen
    some pics of that place.
    Incredible..your blog’s
    entertaining..stay safe and
    keep collecting them coins
    they come in handy in certain

    pz & blessings

  8. 8 annette musick

    love you girl. I’m loving reading your blog. Thanks for keeping it up. Stay UP!!

  9. 9 Linda B

    Wow so proud of you and to know you!!! However, a little worried since you haven’t written anything since the 25th….

    Be Safe!

    Love ya
    Linda B

  10. These are great stories! You my friend are living a life extraordinary. I miss you, i love you, and i’m proud of you. Come home. I don’t type. i speak. That’s all you get. Want more? Get your ass home!

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