10.24.07 – Popeyes in Dubai & High Speeds with Fareed!!!


We had another great show monday night which resulted in another 30-45 minute autograph and pictures session. I could really get used to this even though posing and smiling gets tiring, I know these people are returning the appreciation for what we do the same way we’re showing appreciation for what they do for us. Here’s Cruz’s joke, “stop givin them that fake smile girl” but I’m not tryin to be fake at all…holding a smile gets tiring but who wouldn’t rather be smiling?

BTW, the catch phrase of the entire trip is “Now that’s hip hop!” when something goes really good. If something goes wrong or not up to our standards we say, “That’s NOT Hip Hop!” It’s just a little silly phrase that keeps us going and makes us laugh if things are or panning out. Yesterday we headed to a new base on the military flight. Our POC – Kevin (who took everyone partying the night before to a club called “Oasis”) told us we had to be up at 3:30am :O We were completely spent and exhausted but all managed to get up because we were looking forward to our next stop – UAE (United Arab Emirates.) The next base we were going to is called Al-Dafra and it’s an Air Force Base. We had a day off from playing gigs so Cruz and I hit up the gym. Later on we all got together to play bingo. We called it an early night. The next day we got our stuff together again and were taken by our two POC’s to meet our tour guide,Fareed. The two POC’s we had at Al-Dafra were Latinas. Very lovely girls…one of them was from Guatemala and she had very beautiful eyes. She reminded me of my friend Karla at work also from Guatemala and has beautiful eyes. SHe turned out to be just as sweet as Karla. Right before we left the base to meet Fareed, I had to go back to the military doctor. My “bad allergies” had developed into a bronchial cough and it was starting to worry me a bit. This doctor gave me sudafed, mucinex, and an inhaler for my wheezing. Even though I don’t have asthma, he said this would be a good idea to dry out all the mucus in my lungs.

Finally, we’re off to meet Fareed who will be our guide through tonight’s show and Dubai. We are so excited about finally being able to get off base. It felt liberating! Within a matter of 2 hours we went through desert, a series of large developments, and mountains. It was beautiful and extremely surreal to enjoy such a bright, sunny day with foreign surroundings. We had not seen anything but military bases the entire trip! Fareed told us there would be many developments in the desert…from the largest Disneyland in the world to underwater hotels and restaurants. UAE was surely to become the largest most tourist friendly city in the entire world. THey were building a massive sports colliseum where the Olympics would be held in the near future and there is also an Autobahn style racetrack. The rest of the developments would take place within the next 5 years! All this on the way to our 5-star hotel where we will be playing tonight. Coincidentally, it’s called Starlight just like our label 🙂

We made a stop on the way over  and it was a gas station that had a domino’s, baskin robbins, and POPEYES! Now, anyone who knows me knows I loooove Popeyes and even though I knew it wasn’t going to be the same, I HAD TO try it. It wasn’t bad at all and even though there was no bbq or honey mustard, the buttermilk sauce was pretty good. The only thing that tasted close to anything back home was the biscuit. We got back in the van and Fareed was zippin in and out of cars spewing obscenities to anyone he had to….I like this guy! He was actually super cool. Originally from Pakistan, he has lived in UAE for 19 years and works for USO – Navy branch. He says he *loves* his job – driving and escorting bands around. We pull up to our hotel and it’s really elegant. We check-in and make our way to the venue which is in the hotel. We get to play for the “sea-men” tonight! As soon as we walk into this upscale lounge club, we see why it’s called “Starlight”. There are twinkles of light all over the top portions of the walls and as soon as we look towards the stage we all “Wow-ed!” Right there on the velvet curtain it read, “Welcome Rebel Crew Band”! How’s that for a nice welcome!? We are super stoked about the show tonight! Actually at 5pm so I have to get going…

Finally our tour load is starting to lighten up. We are about half-way through our tour now and even though it’s SUPER HARD WORK and I’m starting to get a little homesick, I don’t want this adventure to end!


11 Responses to “10.24.07 – Popeyes in Dubai & High Speeds with Fareed!!!”

  1. Girl………we miss ya…can wait 4 all of y’all to get back! Stay safe!!

  2. 2 Maria

    This is sooo cute! I finally got to read one. Sounds like loads of fun and excitement!! Tell Cruz, Juwana is na happy rite now!!! Tell him she is working double shifts and she is worn out!!!lol..only he will know what i mean!!:)

    Anyway…miss you all tremendously. JLo and Rob Base will be in town this weekend. So i’m looking forward to hanging with them. Oh and I met a newby…lol lol…details later;)

    love you!
    peace and love!


  3. 3 Patricia Torres

    Now that’s hip hop! (LOVE IT, MA!)

    That damn Jackie…she sent me your blog link at work this morning (I had no idea you were blogging) so wouldn’t you know this is all I’ve done all morning! Aside from the fact that you are doing something amazing, you really do have a knack for putting it all down for us. I couldn’t stop reading! (I’m all caught up and ready for more!) Thank you so much for finding a way to take us all with you, babe. Consider yourself bookmarked. 😉

    Looking forward to those pictures when you are able so we can experience the culture as well as the ‘eye candy’.

    Okay, it’s almost lunch time already so gonna try to get some work done now. You’re all in my thoughts and prayers and I’ll be checking back here often. (I already forwarded the link to my Moms, too!) Stay safe! Love you! ~tricia

  4. 4 Rete

    You are such a DIVA ~;-)
    Do you think they would ask you to tour for a solid year?
    That wouldn’t be bad for a Gov’t gig!
    Feel better, lotsa love.

    Blue White Light,

  5. 5 Karla

    I’m so glad to hear that my “comadres” treated you well…;) I, however, feel totally flattered by your comment and can’t tell you enough how much I miss seeing you here at work. Your lovely personality and gorgeous smile sure makes one’s day brighter… so keep on smiling out there, no matter how much it hurts or how fake it may look. You never know who might be falling in love with your smile! 😉 Love and miss you tons!


  6. 6 Ryan

    maaannn thats awesome K! I know you’ve got that autographing and smiling down, plus you’re gettin lots of practice. I bet you got really hype when you found out about popeyes ;), awwready babe. Good luck with your show tonight! Thats an awesome welcome to the hotel, go get’em!

  7. 7 GQ

    hey girl! good to see you guys are having a good time! tell everyone i say hi…..
    keep your face covered when you are outside in that dust, it will help your lungs. that’s how it was for us in cali deserts too. miss u!

  8. 8 Misty Lara

    I am totally caught up, I have been reading and working all day, my eyes burn, hehe.

    I’m so excited for you and this trip.

    Good things, good things you are doing.

    Love ya Mamma

  9. 9 Jackie

    Wow, girl! These are some great blogs… makes me feel like I’m experiencing it too (well kinda). Hope you’re allergies get better soon and I’ll definitely be sending all my luv and positive vibes your way.

  10. 10 Cameron

    Sounds like you are having a very fun and “entertaining” time. Sorry couldn’t resist the pun there.
    HTown misses you girl come back soon!!

  11. i always like to stay on 5 star hotels because the ameneties and the ambiance is always great :

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