10.18.07 – Bottom Bunk Thoughts



I was layin on the bottom bunk today thinkin about how very blessed I am. I told you all I would be on tour this year. I said it would happen and it DID. Even though it’s not the most luxurious tour I am sooo happy to be here. I feel like I’m doing something so BIG and I am just one small person.

Our show last night was pretty awesome considering the entire audience was sober. Since they are on alert all day the soldiers are not permitted to drink on ths base. We jammed hard too. This was only our second show but we are definitely gettin into it and vibing well. I am so lucky to have some talented musicians on board with me. I realized I have not shared their names with the readers so here goes:

1. Mark Sound – Guitar/Sound Man

2. Rick Partida aka Lion 808 – Drummer/Beatboxer

3. Jon Durbin – Trumpet/Mascot (I love how he is always in a good mood)

4. John Cruz – Keyboard/Samples/Comedian

5. Tanya aka Soulfree – Band Manager/ DJ

6. ME 🙂 Karina Nistal – Band Front/ Vibe Control

We are all respresentin the Rebel Crew right now even though we all have seperate projects at home. It’s really nice to have their company on this tour. (I promise to post pics)

Anyway, the soldiers again were very complimentary and showed their gratitude. They were so appreciative we signed autographs and took pictures for about an hour. Even the locals came over to take pictures with us. There are Afghan civilians working on site and since we played in the dining hall, they all came out of the kitchen to take pics with us. You can tell they don’t get entertainment too often around here. Both the soldiers and the hired help were grateful.

Right now as I am typing the bugle is sounding…that means it’s 6am. Capt. McCleod who has been the most patient, informative, and protective guide we’ve had thus far has really come through for us. We’re supposed to see him at 8am in the dining hall this morning to move to our next location. Today we’re going into an Afghan town to perform for the higher ups (generals, capts, etc)

Yesterday during the day we went shopping on base…well, I went shopping. Just bought a few gifts and trinkets for my loved ones. I wanted to get some of that stuff out of the way and i feel like the Afghans need some tourist income to rebuild. they really did have some beautiful authentic gifts in their shops too. They also had EVERY SINGLE BOOTLEG MOVIE or SHOW SERIES in DVD FORMAT imaginable. Seriously…it was all so cheap too. No wonder soldiers buy this stuff and send it home.

I will be blogging more later…sometimes it’s easier for me to get online than others so please bear with me. I am really enjoying this adventure.


3 Responses to “10.18.07 – Bottom Bunk Thoughts”

  1. 1 Shorty

    I am soo proud of u K!!! I am enjoying your blog and cant wait to read more!!
    xoxoxox LOVE U MUCHO!!!

  2. 2 scout

    how did you get the bottom bunk 🙂 damn, i’m real proud of you girl. i’m reading your story. much love to all of y’all and safe return-

  3. Hey babe! I finally got my happy behind on here. I haven’t got too much time to read all the way through, but I’m liking what I’m reading so far. You should keep this up when you get back cos you’ve certainly got a knack for it.

    P.S. Loving the rockstar hair 😉

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