10.14.07 – Touchin BASS from the base!


WOOOO HOOOO!!! I just woke up from a coma and even though I could’ve used more sleep
I have decided to get up for steak & shrimp night in the dining hall 🙂 We need to
hit up the community showers first. Tanya who is my “bunkee” went to go buy a few
essentials at the BX Store which is like a mini-walmart on base…no lie!
Our show got postponed tonight but we’re going to hang out at the place we were
supposed to play at called “Pete’s Place”. It’s a big tent when you’re looking at it
from the outside but when you get inside it’s your local bar, living room, and
gameroom rolled into one with a HUGE stage for guest performers. Soldiers are only
allowed 2 beers per 24 hour period so the same rules apply to us too since we’re on
base. They stressed ALL the rules to us once we got here…
1. No co-ed rooms
2. No PDA (public display of affection)
3. No bags or purses while shopping
4. Wash your hands before every meal
5. Carry an ID on at all times
And many more I can’t remember right now…yes, it’s like a mini-bootcamp even for
us. Before we even got here a few rules were stressed to us about conservative dress
(long-sleeved shirts, no open toe shoes, no shorts etc) which seemed kind of hard
for me to pull off in some of our 100 degree weather locations. And there are some
locations where we had limited shower time…3mins! Thank goodness that was not
today! After not being able to shower for almost 2 days of traveling…I spent a
good half hour in there. I can’t wait to get my luggage in the a.m.

Well…the crew is now waiting for me at Pete’s Place. I just wanted to quickly blog
again…I will post up more soon along with pics. I’m sure you’re all wondering if
Jon Durbin got his haircut yet! lol


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