10.17.07 – Arriving in Afghanistan


The past few days have definitely been eye-openers for me and the crew. We took our first military flights yesterday. It was like being buckled into a loud rollercoaster where you could see all the air ducts, tubes, straps, wires, and wings of the plane.

It was SO loud, they gave us earplugs to wear as soon as we got in. The flights were pretty short and a lot of the soldiers were going where we were….Afghanistan.

Our first stop was supposed to be a brief stop…we ended up waiting for our next guide to get us on another Military flight so we could rest for the night. We ended up in the most low-end accomodations…let’s just say I know what prison life would be like. We met a Belgian Sargeant that really helped us out.


We went to a cafe and ate some really good Afghan burgers! They really love Brandy there cause that’s all they played. I must’ve heard “I wanna be down” 10 times and I haven’t heard that song since I was 15! We hung out for a bit but Tanya and I were so tired we went to sleep at about 8pm (I don’t think I’ll ever adjust) while the boys went to a Belgium bar. There are a lot of allies on our bases from the Belgians, Polish, English etc. I thought we would be late for our 6am wake-up call so I woke everyone up in a panic at 1:30am. I will never live that down….

Before I end this blog I wanted to tell you about our ride through Kabul to get to this base we’re on. I will disclose the name tomorrow because we’re not allowed to say exactly where we are…

When we left Kaia airport (the airport where we stayed overnight), we woke up in the morning, took showers, loaded up our equipment again, then pulled up our rides….ARMOURED HUMMERS. Our army escorts put bullet-proof vests and a headpiece on us and drove us through Kabul.


It was really sad to see how poor the people there lived. It was like civilization was in dust. There were a few times our escorts would yell at the civilians to get out of the way. At one point the driver (which was a lady) said she thought she saw a sniper on the roof of a building. Their buildings all looked desecrated and destroyed. It was only when I saw the children running on the streets in this dusty town that I got a little choked up. It made me sad to think they didn’t even get a chance….it also made me more grateful to be so fortunate.

We arrived at our camp and met a Capt who has been escorting us around all day. Very nice guy and probably the first person to brief us so well. I finally got to call my daddy today. I’ll admit that was emotional. It was 4:30am central time and he answered on the 1st ring which made me realize he had been waiting on my call. I felt so bad to keep him waiting. It had been such a hectic couple of days and I explained about the luggage and outside communication difficulties ect. I love my family.

I am missing you all…

the more I talk to these soldiers I realize that no matter the hassles and sacrifices, it is SO WORTH BEING here. They all thank us and say how grateful they are for entertainers coming in. And on that  note, I’m off to get ready for show #2.


3 Responses to “10.17.07 – Arriving in Afghanistan”

  1. 1 Rete

    Baby girl!

    I just got done reading your blog to Kinders, they all commented on, “Whew! What an adventure!”! They are so touched by your blog. We know you are having the adventure of your life, thusfar. BOOK DEAL-BOOK DEAL

    Blue White Light


  2. 2 Rete

    How do we access the pics?!?

  3. 3 Ryan

    lol @ “I wanna be down” haha I can see you jammin right now K 😉

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