10.15.07 – Manas Base, Kyrgystan

We had our first show tonight and it was beyond any kind of amazing experience.
We started a little rocky...still recovering from lost sleep, time change,
getting our luggage back (FINALLY) etc. It felt good to *finally* get out of Friday's
clothes...ugh yuck!!! The soldiers expressed so much appreciation for what we did.
It was touching to get their participation during our set.
They clapped after every song no matter how much better I knew we could've started the set.
We're working with limited resources...we honestly needed about 2 more monitors to be
able to hear ourselves the way we need to but we're sharing the only 2 we've got.
Despite the sound issues, we did very well and it touched me to see their  reactions
of joy, excitement, and most of all appreciation.
We receieved a lot of thank you's after the show and requests for autographs and pictures.
The guys are doing awesome. Thanks to Mark for the super sound setup.
Durbin finally got a haircut and Rick loves the food on base. Jon C. is catching
somethin but I suspect it's allergies. Tanya is doing well too.
She spun a great set tonight and had the soldiers dancing :)
We're supposed to be up in 4 hours but I wanted to share a few stories with you
about some of the soldiers we interviewed. They all have their own interesting story
about how they got there, the job they're doing, and who they've left back home.
Last night 2 soldiers sat down with us while we were at Pete's Place
(coincidentally the same place we played tonight.) One of the guys was hilarious -
James Massengal (he referred to his name as the "feminine products") lol we really
enjoyed his company and his sidekick Bridges. Then I played pool with Brandon Orlando
(who kicked my butt) and showed me where the internet/phone cafe is on base.
I finally got a chance to call home. I know my mama was worried.
After the show tonight I am reassured that this is where I am supposed to be and I
am so glad I took on this tour. I feel priviledged to be here and see our military i
n action. We are definitely the most powerful country in this world and I am proud to
be American.  A few of the soldiers have warned me about our next stop. They say it
would be a bit tense in Afghanistan...which I had expected. This should be our
toughest spot so I'm glad we're getting it out of the way now. They have warned me
about what I might see so I am mentally preparing myself for all of it.

One Response to “10.15.07 – Manas Base, Kyrgystan”

  1. 1 Ryan

    that is a beautiful pic with you and the mic x :-), glad to see that adorable smile, missed seeing that face

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