10.13.07 – 24+hours = 4 cities + 3 continents + lost luggage


karina002 Ready to go!

(The Crew leaving Houston: John Cruz, Rick, Karina, Jon Durbin, Mark) 

Yep you read right…It’s been a hectic hectic day and a half…after leaving the H,
we went to Chicago, took a flight to London, connected to Moscow and now we’re in
Bishkek. Kyrgystan is definitely a beautiful country. The mountain scenery is
amazing and the locals have beautiful defined features – Russian & Asian. I can’t
say they’re all very nice though. I think they’re leary of Americans but that is
just the beginning. I’m sure more countries will be that way to us or worse.
Let me start by saying that lugging our equipment around has been a serious hassle.
I am a little disappointed with our tour planners for not being more organized. It’s kind of like organized confusion. Once they realize what we’re there to do they are very helpful to our mission.
Checking in 21 pieces of equipment on top of our personal baggage has been a serious
pain since we left Intercontinental Airport Houston. We have vouchers that should be
covering the excess baggage and overweight equipment…those covered us in H-town.
The issues began in London…the 6 of us were designated the most wobbliest carts at
Heathrow. Some of us even had 2 carts a piece and they needed serious alignments.
Since Heathrow is a very narrow airport we made the best out of not hurting or
killing people while pushing our equipment. I was trying to make it fun on the
downhill slopes by running, pushing, and jumping on the cart…ok I’m a little sore
from it now! lol

And let me tell you the Russian airline people are SO MEAN! We had a 6 hour layover
in London thinkin we could go siteseeing…no way! It took us 6-hours just to
check-in our equipment after waiting in line after line. They even overcharged us
for our equipment: $9,000 to be exact. It’s the military’s money but STILL…that’s
a lot of money. The only thing I’ll say about them is that their in-flight food is A
WHOLE LOT better than American Airlines…pfft. I have never been on a foreign
flight like that…the first one looked like it was hangin on for dear life. It
smelled like a gymnasium and I won’t even mention the bathrooms! The second one was
much better! Finally, jet-lagged and extremely delirious from exhaustion, we arrive
in Kyrgystan and now all of our luggage and equipment is LOST! I am hoping it
arrives on the next flight from Moscow.

GEEZ! And we haven’t even had our first show yet!

In the meantime…all the guys are being good sports about everything. Here is a pic of Durbin on the flight…

Jon Durbin needs a haircut like yesterday! I’m sure the Armed forces will
provide him with a buzzcut for that nice lil trumpet of his…lol

STAY TUNES FOR MORE ADVENTURES…despite all the transit, sleep deprivation, loss of
baggage, equip etc…I am having a good time knowing I’m away! Love you all!


2 Responses to “10.13.07 – 24+hours = 4 cities + 3 continents + lost luggage”

  1. 1 Valerie

    where are the pictures?!?

  2. 2 Triple D

    Dude, totally!!! Airports are the worst. I had to pick up a friend last month from IAH and while I was waiting, ordered a sammich….. but they were out of cherry coke!!! I had to walk…like….. 20 feet to the news stand to buy one. Ugh! What a bummer. But awesome people like us always find a way to persevere.

    Rock on, rockstar! Luv ya.

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