Ode to Prokrastination & Packing!


*It’s jus another manic monday* and on top of feelin that monday rush I am definitely feelin overwhelmed with a sudden urgency to take on the world with all my errands….well, not quite. Here I am workin at my corporate job staring at my checklist thinkin, “you’re such a retard for prokrastinating…” lol

So here goes:

1 Go to Radio Shack for Int’l plugs (I tried doing this on my lunch break apparently they didn’t have Middle East plugs in stock) These are the three circular insert plugs.

2 Go to T-Mobile to get Int’l service (I tried doing this at lunch too but ran outta time)

3 Go to Target to get travel essentials (Ladies….enough said)

4 Pick up video camera from Trisha (thank God for friends)

5 Pick up my *Karina* banner from the studio

6 Hair appointment for *rock star hair* ) This is wednesday but I had to include it’s on my to-do list.

7 Pick up my prescription (don’t ask)

8 Nail appointment (I’m afraid I won’t get a proper refill while I’m away – what can I say, I’m a girly girl ;p)

9 Pick up my laptop! (the last time I tried to do this I was overwhelmed with my options)

10 Pick up extra monitors for the band

11 Pay off my speeding ticket so I don’t get arrested when I get back!


12 PACK!!!

I despise my prokrastination but I do work well under pressure. It’s easier to pack at the end anyway…4 more days!

Am I leaving anything out!?? Any suggestions??

Help ya girl out…send me a line…


8 Responses to “Ode to Prokrastination & Packing!”

  1. Your Passport, make sure it’s current.I heard alot of bullshit on the news about having your passport current. Also, make sure if your taking any equipment with you that you get the permits to carry this equipment over seas, I used to live in Mexico and I had to take my equipment over the border and I had to get permits for my gear to have it in mexico. I ended up bribing the customs guy , but still I needed to get the equipment across. Stay good. -andres

  2. 2 Pedro De Packas

    Hey Sweetie,

    dont for get the sunblock……don’t want to get eaten up by the sun over there

  3. sounds frantic and fun : ) you can go to my myspace and get some mp3 mixes for the road/air. much love; have a blast!!

  4. 4 Sandra

    Don’t forget a clean t-shirt to put over the pillows. You never know what kind of funk is on the pillows. On second thought, better make that two clean t-shirts just for that extra buffer 😉

    Don’t forget Tylenol PM…trust me, your going to need it.

    Have a great time!

  5. 5 Angie

    Lotion! My girl’s over there now can’t get enough of the stuff. And little candies and gum. If not for you, then for all the kiddo’s you’ll see.
    Have a blast and stay safe!
    Much Love!

  6. 6 Triple D

    Don’t forget your burkas, boo. Your Nistyle might be too much for them. Safe travels, Kari.

  7. 7 oso

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeey cuzi. i love you miss you and cant wait to keep reading your blog. guess what just finished writing teh album. gonna have it out by christmas. keep doing you cuzi.

  8. 8 Angie

    Keep the blogs comming Karina! Love hearing it all.
    Stay safe!

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