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Saturday morning Fareed rushed us back to Al-Dahfra base to meet up with Lieutenant Nuila and Sargeant Perez. Lt. Nuila was the lady I spoke about earlier that was from Guatemala. She greeted us warmly as we arrived. She was such a sweetheart. Both her and Sargeant Perez impressed me a lot for being so professional, established, […]

It’s been hard to get on these past few days because all of the computer stations  I’ve been to have blocked all the sites I needed to get on. Thanks for being patient. I have also added a few pictures in previous blogs…whatever time allows. It feels like I’m so limited to online access everywhere […]

Last night was another successful show. I truly feel so blessed to continue on with this experience. Thank you all so much for reading and commenting on what I’ve been writing. I have soooo many pictures too and video but itv takes forever to load up! Right now I only get to log on for […]

We had another great show monday night which resulted in another 30-45 minute autograph and pictures session. I could really get used to this even though posing and smiling gets tiring, I know these people are returning the appreciation for what we do the same way we’re showing appreciation for what they do for us. […]

So it’s been a few days but let me tell ya…it was * really* hard gettin out of Afghanistan! Thank goodness the great Cheif Lateste hung out with us that entire day. He really brought some good vibes and enlightening to our trip. We were in Kaia airport the whole day just waiting for our […]

Well, we left Camp Eggers yesterday and just before we did I went to the bazaar to see what good deals I could find. We ran into Cheif Molina took us to a bootleg dvd vendor. It was 2 brothers running the booth Mufaza & Muhammed. Once the Cheif told him who we were and […]

First of all I’d like to start by saying I *really* appreciate all of the comments on the blogs. It feels good to know you guys are reading and actually interested 🙂 I have so much to tell everyone about Camp Eggers (pronounced Ay-gers.) I’ve met some really amazing people here just as I have […]